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What happens when you get bitten by a zombie? In a game, I mean.

In the ” Resident Evil ” games (and really all zombie games), it’s hardly anything to say. The otherwise super-infectious virus never bites the heroes we control most, mostly because they must survive to the next cut scene.

Only when they take enough damage, they iron in such games, a bit like when the action game heroes take on bullets like a sponge when you play, but bump into the jaw under a video clip.

In ” ZombiU ” there are no heroes you control. Jack Benson was a pub owner, Tina Johnson was unemployed, Peter Quinn worked as a plumber. All very ordinary people and who stroked when I played after being bitten only once.

Pur raw material

It’s not like any other first person shooter, this. Not like any other horror or zombie game either. Here’s a greater focus on surviving and planning than running into guns blazing . And better it is for that.

You are in London, and a virus is broken that has made everyone into zombies. Not the most creative bag Ubisoft has stuck his hand in just and the story of John Dee and how the occult Welsh astronomer from the 17th century predicted the apocalypse just works just that enough to keep up with it.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to follow very closely when the game itself is so brutally difficult and totally devoid of compassion to you as a player.

The game gives you a random person who has survived the eruption and which you must try to get through without the zombies getting close to you at all. It’s incredibly much easier said than done where you crawl around London’s streets and undergrounds in search of weapons and equipment.

One bite and you’re hooked – off the hook. Then the person dies you die and you lose all equipment. Back to start.

Find the old one

A nice twist on this is that you can seek out the previous person you checked. A place out there they are now swirling like zombie and they still have everything you gathered together with weapons, food and other utilization.

They are also stronger and harder to knead the longer you survived with them.

game wallpapers

The whole thing that you’re constantly in danger of dying and losing everything you’ve done really does anything about your mood. The game itself is not incredibly scary (although it has a couple of cheap BØ tricks to come along), but the redemption of having to go back to start is unseen.

I tumble around in stupid darkness with the flashlight turned off because I know there are three undead in the room next door.

In any other game I had kicked the door and hit the rams – but what if I hit one and have to change? What if they get a bite?

This uncertainty, and the fact that three to four zombies are enough to make it difficult if you do not have a lot of ammunition, makes it quite a good move to move some space. Ammo is rare product, and the cricket ball you have as standard weapon is only effective if you meet on a single unnasluntrer.

If you are chopped more hardcore than most, you can wrap yourself on the “Survival” mode. There is a bite and goodbye – to your save file! However, if you actually play the game with only one survivor, your name will be stamped on the floor and walls of anyone who has played and is connected to the internet.

At the time of writing there are only a handful of people who have done it.

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