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Last year’s ” XCOM: Enemy Unknown ” was a mixed experience.

I loved the technology and the grips the developers took to simplify and smooth out an genre that has been for specially interested only for many years. On the other hand, I hated how transparent it was under the hood – and how you were forced into routines that were never challenged purely creatively or strategically.

“XCOM” was amazing until you found the recipe – depending on the practice of repeat exercises, as well as one and another game of chance.

«Remember – we will be watching»

“Enemy Within” does nothing to challenge this, but it’s okay. Instead, the extra package expands in width and gives you greater opportunity to customize your soldiers before sending them to fieldwork.

Here, in other words, there is talk of more meat on the leg, something I appreciate – so much that I’m annoyed a bit over time I threw away the game without these innovations.

Of course there are lots of others, minor updates on say too. More maps, for example, help to vary the roll through history. What I love with many of these is that developers have tended to play a little more with larger indoor spaces and really let the physics engine blow their wings as rockets and laser beams get lost.

A couple of the surroundings are linked to the most unforgettable part of the package, where you will hunt down sympathizing terrorists in parallel with the attack from space. The overall game here is not a highlight in itself – all that means is that you get another buck of money to be hammered with and another goal to strive for.

The advantage is that the story behind puts the runner up for a bunch of modes that break up the repetition otherwise, where you will defend a given area from swirling enemies or lead an agent around the battlefield to sabotage transmitters.

Front Mission, at La Firaxis

The same applies to the inclusion of MELD – a resource you need to develop your soldiers in the new directions, but that you only get access to if you play smart and manage to win the overall missions within a given deadline.

The resource does not represent a big deal in general, but it builds and introduces a resource that is actually relevant to how you approach the game and put your strategies.

The absolute biggest news, however, is linked to the genetics lab and the biomechanical updates you can add to your team.

Genetics injects your soldiers with new powers as you research the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses – ranging from sharper eyes to advanced leg muscles and extra hearts. Whether you use them or are not up to you. The important thing here is that you actually have an opportunity to differentiate your soldiers from each other and give them significant characteristics beyond the purely cosmetic.

Aggressive supplies

The second addition of great importance is the ability to amputate all of the superfluous limbs of your soldiers, equip them with a metal skeleton and immerse them in heavy mechanical robots.

It then costs, but in exchange you get the most powerful and self-powered machines on the battlefield – units that easily climb buildings and equip with flame throwers, knokjern and mines.

It’s almost hard to really appreciate how much physics engine actually impacts the game in harmony with these, especially when you plant your metal rivets in Cyberdisks and Mutons for the right to send them through brick walls and underlying fixtures.

Obviously, the enemy has received a few countermeasures to defend themselves against this. Among other things, their own two-legged combat machines, which actually get a couple of interesting synergies from the existing gallery of neglect.

If you thought a heavy war machine was dangerous in itself, try one with an impenetrable energy shield held in the life of a little creature who stays as far away from the front line as possible.

There are strategic details that this “XCOM” screamed at basically, and as “Enemy Within” is so small in terms of their additions. I hope for more of this form of updates in later packages, if any.

It’s not as if “Enemy Within” surrounds “XCOM” in any way. On the contrary, after a few hours in games, I start to notice the same limitations and irritations as from the original version.

But that does not mean that the extra package does not add anything of importance. It’s actually advisable if you’re looking to play the game again – maybe never played it before – because it highlights what’s really cool with “XCOM” as a strategy game , while it breaks up some nonsense and gives you more to play with.

To me, the judgment is clear: do not play “XCOM” without “Enemy Within”.

NB! This expansion was launched this week and costs between 245 and 299 kroner (depending on the platform). Requires the main game, “Enemy Unknown”.

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