Uncharted: Fight For Fortune For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

Digital card games do not appear to be art for the player, but they do not necessarily look like a dass either.

When I start the treasure hunt in ” Uncharted: Fight For Fortune, ” the visual impression is quite pleasing. Hastings make lorries I think while the still images are “animated” around the screen.

The game mechanics seem partly thoughtful. The same can not be said about the wrapping.

Ni shades of Drake

The pictures so beautifully photographed on the different cards are almost no screenshots from Dragon’s previous adventures.

And while Drake is far from being alone in the “Uncharted” games, “Fight for Fortune” can not deliver any special depth in the universe.

Admittedly, the series has managed to be three in the number, as well as the White version ” Golden Abyss “. Nevertheless, the game is obviously empty of characters to spice the cards with – and fools into a worn form of variations.

Do not forget that during a game round, Nathan Drake, Muddy Drake, Heist Drake, Wetsuit Drake, Winter Drake, Young Drake, Suited Drake, Desert Drake, and perhaps Ducknut Drake, will also be greeted.

In short, a bit parodic in a game that is strictly based on acquiring different card combinations.

Uncharted: Fight For Fortune

Favorable price – or?

The business model is pretty clear: the game is sold at a favorable price – a little fifty dollars. A prize that makes the purchase of a “no-brainer” for fans of the series.

But as soon as the basic package is installed, two new downloadable card packages are waiting for a fee, which in reality makes the game twice as expensive if you want to bring the whole experience.

That these packages were released on the day that the PlayStation Vita game came out makes it just cynical.

Known Recipe

“Uncharted: Fight For Fortune” borrows and steals rotten from other collective card games, but I do not blame them. Some mechanics have almost become a prerequisite for meeting the target group.

For most of the collective card games, here too, you should also knock out the opponent by reducing his health to 0.

It says either Drake, Fisher, Flynn, Pinkerton or one of the other characters you know from the series for. Here you choose how little you want to play, and you will have to play both Drake and Flynn in the same round, to be able to stand victorious in the end.

In “Uncharted: Fight For Fortune,” you do not use typical mana, lands, or other resource cards required in other games to get out the characters you have at hand. In the world of Dragon you have to work with three different fractions, which are divided between the heroes, villains and mercenaries.

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