Things that maybe you did not know about the Development of Metal Gear Solid

The origin of the title that redefined the saga of infiltration action hides more than one surprise.

The Metal Gear brand has been accompanying the players since 1987. A classic game that has managed to adapt to the tastes of the public over the years and which underwent its first major transformation with Metal Gear Solid.

Hideo Kojima has become the renowned creative that is today thanks to this saga, probably due to the jump is given by the same with this first episode with the label ‘Solid’ in the title of the game. The move to three-dimensional action and its arrival on Sony’s PlayStation triggered its popularity in the late 1990s, and now, with the genius of Kojima out of the Metal Gear formula, and an interesting Metal Gear Survive on the verge of being launched, we want to review the origins of this important chapter of the saga and the industry.

Perhaps more than one reader will light a red explanation symbol on his head upon discovering some unknown curiosity about the creation of this first MGS.

“Call me ‘Snake’”

All fans know that Kojima is a great movie buff. So when he had the opportunity to recreate the protagonist of the saga did not hesitate to pay tribute to one of his favorite film characters: Snake Plisskin. It is well known the influence that ‘1997: Rescue in New York’, John Carpenter’s film with Kurt Russell as protagonist, had on the early stages of game design. But did you know that it was Carpenter himself who decided not to take legal action against Konami and Kojima in an alleged case of plagiarism? Apparently Hideo fell so well to the great film director who decided to consider it a simple homage.

Snake Plisskin was not alone.

Well, almost everyone knows about Snake Plisskin. But good old Kurt Russel was not alone. Kojima was also inspired by two other actors. According to the Japanese creative, Snake’s body is based on the Belgian actor Jean Claude Van-Damme, while his face was inspired by that of Christopher Walken. You can not molar anymore.

The meaning of ‘Solid’

The addition of the surname ‘Solid’ was not just a cosmetic decision. Kojima himself confirmed that with that word he meant the leap of the two-dimensional graphics to environments and polygonal characters. But there is another reading. Volume measurements are always measured in cubic units. And what is a cube if not the next step of a ‘square’ (‘square’ in English)? Still to this day it is speculated to what extent ‘Solid’ served so that Kojima and Konami made a wink to his direct competitor in the business in those years: Square-Enix.

Metal Lego Solid

Speaking of three-dimensional environments. During the game design process, since 3D tools and engines were very primitive, Metal Gear Solid designers used Lego construction sets to create the first versions of the adventure levels.

The actors in the shade

Most of the players in the game were credited under pseudonyms. With the exception of David Hayter, who plays Snake, a good number of Metal Gear Solid’s voice credits are fake. Unlike most games of the time, MGS used professional voice actors, but unfortunately the game did not have the support of the actors’ guild, so the real names of the actors could not be used. The real names of the actors would appear later in the remake of Gamecube Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.

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