The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

Lead to build houses, sneak furniture and hear your personal poet’s trolley while fighting tough child adopters with toys so that they leave you alone?

Did not live everyday as vampire rescues up to expectations? Perhaps the urge to go somewhere else to recharge the cancer before the New Year?

Then I can wholeheartedly recommend a package tour to Solstheim: an island outside Morrowind, which offers a large map full of new experiences and sights.

Third dose refill

Even a year later, ” The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ” is still my foremost “relax some hours” game, which has an instinctive appeal to the adventurous adventurous and exploratory character.

However, after all, I have become so well in this region that the landscape offers nice surprises, no matter how varied it may be.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn

So the thought of exploring a new area is undeniably alluring.

” Dragonborn ” is the third expansion package of “Skyrim”, at least if we count on ” Hearthfire ” … but are we actually doing that? Out of reality, I have still not refurbished the bathroom, the kitchen needs a coat of paint and the refrigerator is getting empty.

In “Skyrim” I have three newly renovated houses, overloaded with more than enough stuff to survive a long game of Thrones.

Something tells me that “Hearthfire” is not the best disposal of my free time, but that kind of house work can hardly be called an extension. Rather a constriction, and a trivial “take it or leave it” deal for specially interested.


I, the undersigned, do not belong to those who were disappointed with the Dawnguard extension, which after all gave us more hours of exciting adventures than many full- priced games .

Nonetheless, I must reluctantly admit that being a vampire hero in the long run is not  as fun as it should be. A powerful blood sucker loses some of the authority when he gets stuck in door frames, in my opinion.

But with “Dragonborn,” Bethesda gives us a great pre-Christmas package, containing the best and most comprehensive extension to “Skyrim” – in line with the best of DLC for the entire “Elder Scrolls” series.

A new, unexplored area full of exciting things, which adds to our ability to tame dragons. In theory: yay!

Let me start with the only bad news, and downplay the expectations of those who have been looking forward to riding on dragons. This sounds far more fun than it turns out to be in practice. Towards the end of the main story you open a dragon top that gives you control over dragons, but this is very limited and clumsy.

You can order the dragon to attack enemies, and move around on the map while sitting on it – but do not get the feeling of being a dragonfly in Pern (for those who know the books). This is mostly a little curiosity Bethesda has drawn in as an added bonus, despite the fact that the game engine does not work very well for this purpose.

But no danger, “Dragonborn” offers plenty of other things Bethesda has certainly not spared the resources here.

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