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I’m weak for “The Cave” for a few different reasons. Firstly, it is a classic Double Fine game – that is, a not too ambitious yet charming and fun adventure with tons of personality.

Are you additionally a fan of Ron Gilbert’s writing, it’s hard not to fall for the crazy and self-conscious resignation. “The Cave” gets a lot of goodwill for that reason alone.

I’m the cave, see me chat

Secondly, it is one of those games that does not necessarily shake the genre foundation for adventure or platform games, but finds a great and backward midway. I know I’m laughing a lot about how I’ve grown out of the adventure hunter, but just this superficial platform top on top helps me incredibly.

Having played point-and-click adventure games will make you feel right at home right away; Maybe not because of how you jump and base around the screen, but because of how the core of your vocabulary is still “going here”, “pick it up”, “combine these” and “put this one”.

It may look like a game that is in the same track as, for example, ” Trine “, but in reality it is closer to ” Maniac Mansion .”

It is therefore more about finding order for things to do, rather than mastering controls and surroundings.

The Cave

«Switch to next figure»

The idea is that you pick out three shapes and take them down into a magic cave. What you will see and what challenges presented depend entirely on the composition.

Each character thus has its own stops dedicated to them, but also a unique ability that lets you get rid of some forms of to-do.

The scientist can hack through computer terminals, the peasant knoll can keep his breath underwater, the adventurer can swing at anchor points on the walls – that kind of thing. There is nothing here that changes the game to any degree. Instead, it’s about typing your personal areas with mechanics you’re not allowed to use.

Most of the time, since one of the biggest forces of The Cave and Double Fine is to come up with amazing and colorful scenarios. Here is a list on the same level as ” Psychonauts “, where the bursting premise gives developers free throws to merge what they want to go down in the depths.

And if there is one thing the developers do not want here, then there’s fantasy and scruples – especially when things come to the detriment of their own genre and their own medium. Did you know, for example, that you find a deserted tropical island down there with a stranded seafarer and a parrot? In a cave, right?

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