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The “Tales” series of Namco Bandai may not be as well known in the West as the “Final Fantasy” series for Square Enix, but since the “Tales of Symphonia” on good old  Nintendo Gamecube has been noted among Those who like Japanese role playing games. «Tales of Xillia» is the thirteenth chapter in this series.

It is playing on Rieze Maxia , a world in which people live in symbiosis with the spirit world, and have learned to use magic through ritual invocation of the spirit world’s residents.

However, one of the kingdoms has gone a step too long and combined magic and technology to construct machines that suck the power out of the spirit world and use it to drive creepy weapons.

Teenage heroes and talking cuddly animals

The player’s task is to guide a bunch of teenagers, incarnate spirit creatures, heroes and talking kiddies on mission to kick the ass of evil rulers, destroy the day-to-day machines and bring peace, harmony and friendship to the universe.

On the way, like most of the role-playing games, fight with lots of monsters, find treasures and develop the main characters to become powerful magicians and warriors.

What primarily distinguishes the “Tales” series positively from other games of the same genre is a game system that is cleverly successful and fun to play with.

While many role-playing games relate to traditional turn-based combat, the system in “Tales of Xillia” is a hybrid between the freedom of movement in a fighting game such as “Soul Calibur” and the teamwork elements from more traditional role-playing.

In principle, it is possible to configure all members of the team to act automatically when they fight, and it is quite fun to experiment with optimizing their team to such an automagic machine as possible.

However, the game comes to its fullest extent if you actively enter and control at least one of the characters themselves.

The fighting system that raises the game

The move and depth of the battle system is what raises the game to a higher level. There’s a lot to do in the beginning, especially if you have not played a “Tales” game before.

But you are gradually introduced to new concepts without the training part being directly masculine or trivial, and as you try out new things in practice, they quickly put your fingers.

Before you know it, you can juggle between physical and magic attacks, “link” with different team members and spell out impressive and effective combination attacks that can be reassembled in chain reactions.

It is also possible to collaborate with up to three other players if you wish, but due to the way “linking” with a partner leads to automation, the game is best suited for one or two players if you want to keep control.

In battle against common monsters, Tales of Xillia is not particularly challenging, so the most destructive fighting techniques that are eventually learned are hardly necessary to survive most of the time. They only make the fight fights a lot faster.

Chefs curls are, however, considerably harder, and here one has to know when to focus on defense rather than attack, and one gets used to all the tricks the system has to offer. Unless you choose to grind experience levels until you become overtime, which is also an opportunity for those who like it.

With regard to the development of the main press gallery there are plenty of possibilities left.

Class divisions

In most role-playing games there are classes in which the role-players in charge of the game are organized. The classes dictate what happens when you get to the level of experience and unlock predefined abilities and improvements that together make you more powerful as you go the grades.

As long as there has been a role playing game, there has been dissatisfaction with class systems that you can not develop their characters as you like.

The answer has traditionally been that the player has to pick characteristics and abilities of his choice from a hierarchical structure. In Tales of Xillia, this structure is called a Lillum Or b and takes the form of an expanding cobweb. The disadvantage of such systems is that you spend a lot of time wondering what choices to take, which often slow down the flow of the game.

Predefined classes are, however, easy to relate to and when learning a new game system, this is often an advantage.

«Tales of Xillia» combines the best of both worlds in an excellent way. You can decide whether you want to dwell on the skills and qualities you should pick when you go to the level of experience, or you can choose the predefined development curve of the particular character by using an automatic mechanism.

This gives the game the flexibility needed to play through it several times in different ways, without having to deal with too high complexity for the first time.

It has taken some time before “Tales of Xillia” was translated and released in Europe. The game was released in Japan in 2011, where it also has a sequel to be released in the west during the next year.

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