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Mario was my introduction to the world of games as he has been for so many others and after the soothing encounter with colorful Mushroom Kingdom in the mid 80’s I have always felt safe for the thick plumber.

Of course, the quality has varied somewhat from title to title, but the worst thing I’ve been able to say about the series is that I’ve experienced some of the few of the games as something unattractive.

If you are going to say something about “Super Mario 3D World,” it is not at all unobtrusive!

Here new and old ideas and challenges are thrown out like in a whirlwind of pure creativity, while Nintendo takes advantage of every opportunity to play with conventions and pace in a way that is experienced as infrequently inspired.

From opening screen to scroll text, and beyond, “Super Mario 3D World” never ends to delight or surprise.

The appearance deceives

However, Nintendo had the same milking round, which lost some of the futures of the New Super Mario Bros series.

“Super Mario 3D World” is on the surface blurred by the nose on the 3DS title ” Super Mario 3D Land ” (2011).

Suspicious voices had even speculated that this was developed for 3DS, too fast to be moved over to the suffering Wii U console. Regardless of the origins and developments, it turns out that there is little reason for surmuling.

That’s what actually fills the levels that’s essential – and this is where Nintendo almost surpasses itself this time.


The cat in the bag?

I could probably fill some pages with all the small and big surprises, references and power-ups Nintendo has thrown into «3D World». The game is often experienced as a compilation of the series’s highlights, while the news is continually pleasing and loudly distributed. However, it is hard to see a little extra – namely the cat suit.

Despite the fact that it apparently is created to appeal to LOLcats enthusiasts and furries , it is an inspiring piece of power-up Nintendo has cooked up here.

As the very best items in the “Mario” series, kattedrakta plays with several of the platform conventions and traditionally tradition-oriented level-playing in the game.

A dump attack changes the angle of the jumps, and you can also wrap vertical surfaces with the suit, which allows exploration in new ways.

Of course, something is a bit disturbing with a marvelous Mario in plush suit – but as a new addition to a rich flora of special features, the cat suit works excellent. 

As the all-encompassing raccoon racket in the “Super Mario 3D Land”, several of the enemies have also tried the cats with its associated effect, while the paths are tightened around Mario, Luigi, Toad and the Princess’s new feature.

From platform perfection to multiplayer chaos

Yes, that’s the princess, then! Bowser has just avoided kidnapping some small fairies and put them on glass while our four hero’s job is to free them. With this we are also back to the role gallery from venerable “Super Mario Bros 2” (1989) where each figure has different characteristics and is available before each run.

This also makes the dynamics of the multiplayer part more interesting.

While enjoying “3D World” alone offers clean lines and the potential for perfect races, a chaotic cacophony of sensory impressions occurs as soon as more players jump in.

From clean-cut platform perfection, the game evolves rapidly to a far above average hectic party game – defined by equal parts of competition, clipping and collaborations.

Unlike the “New Super Mario Bros.” games, which for the undersigned were almost constantly characterized by accidental self-destruction and frustration in multiplayer games, you have at least some more space to romp in this first attempt on a collaborative mode in a 3D -Mario.

This makes the chaos quite manageable – if that’s what you want.   

With scores scored and compared to each lane, and a pampering in the shape of a shiny royal crown, one can quickly be tempted to resort to some dirty tricks to turn to management.

Alternatively you can just pinch the leader in the nearest enemy and even the steep crown. The result is hectic, somewhat insidious but terrible fun.

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