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Activision undoubtedly greatly appreciates the “Skylanders” protagonist. The crossing of physical collectors and video games has become a billionaire for the big publisher.

Then it’s easy to blame the company, as before, loves semi-sexual extras and pays for small contention, for greed.

But game number two in the high-pop childrens series is actually astonishing complete and unobtrusive platform game.

The concept is primarily aimed at children. If you do not take yourself so solemnly, it’s still a lot of fun to download for fans of games like ” Ratchet & Clank ” or ” Jak & Daxter”.

Surprisingly open

The core of the ” Skylanders: Giants ” is the accompanying plastic portal. If you put one of the characters on top, hive it in seconds into the game – ready for dizziness.

The idea is that you will want to collect all the different characters to experience the widely different characteristics and their personality, and switch between them.

All characters belong to one of eight items. It characterizes their appearance. The giant Tree Rex belongs, for example, to the lush Life- Brotherhood, while the enchanted Dragon Cynder is undead .

Certain places in the game are only open to characters of a special kind, and this is where the potentially cynical element comes in.

With the exception of certain page assignments, maybe one per board or something, there are still surprisingly few partitions. You will get a complete experience in every way, even if you only have a starter package, and the characters from the previous game can be used if you wish.

However, you are still tempted to spank down to the local toy squad to pick up some new figure.

Although you theoretically can take care of eight different to enjoy all of the content, there is a wide range of very different and completed scraps that are at your disposal.

It even tempts an adult soul.


Der Activision earns a lot of money on “Skylanders”, it is also clear that they ship a lot back in the series. The gorgeous movie clips that mark the transition between each chapter are spectacular and fun, and could as easily be made by Pixar as the gang of Toys for Bob.

Skylanders: Giants

The game itself is a pretty nice and playful platform game, solving simple puzzles in the surroundings and overcoming the enemies with the tricks the figure on the portal has in the sleeve.

When Cynder has the opportunity to fly extra quickly or shoot lightning, Tree Rex can crush thicker stone walls or learn area attacks like lambs of enemy clusters.

On the other hand, there is a polite and comprehensive collection of enemies who are not afraid to challenge you when it’s been a couple of times. Sometimes you have to sneak around enemies with shields to hurt them, other shooters shoot missiles in a spiral that you must try to run away from.

It is not cardiovascular surgery, but enough to vary the majority of the game. Mostly, at least.

«Skylanders: Giants» is an elongated adventure, even adults may have to calculate more than ten hours to take the story at regular pace.

Despite very much, very good content and nice challenges to change the shape of zones with bonuses for one element, the fighting can be a bit shallow and monotonous. Fortunately, there is much else to take part in.

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