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Building games around their own humor, not to mention comedy at all, is far more risky than many game creators will admit.

People are simply not very polite, much less on command. It is not without reason that the genuinely talented humourists among game writers have become legendary in their own right.

Therefore, it is a wonderful surprise in itself that a modest indie release smashes the fourth wall of the twins and together, plays with his universe without a hint of self-esteem and makes it work .

It does not hurt that it is based on a fairly good strategy game either.

Shells Crunchy King

If you see that ” Advance Wars ” meets ” Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes ” in a petri dish, you’re probably in the science room of the “Skulls of the Shogun”. With a small army of unhealthy Samurai you will knock out other knuckles, challenge them tactically and eat their skulls to upgrade troops.

A flexible but turn-based combat system gives you some freedom while at the same time the neck lining is there. Move your people correctly, upgrade the right devices, and take over bonus-giving stations on battlefields. No base building, lasting figure development or stressful skill requirements for anything but your mind.

Throughout the first hours, everything seems like an entertaining but flat affair, until the clouds begin to slip off and you realize that the sluggish learning curve has been absolutely necessary.

Despite the fact that all teams basically have the same two handfuls of devices, and thus also tricks, there is good depth in the detail management of the bone company.

Especially how diligent you are to eat the skulls from dead enemies can change the outcome of the relatively short (5-15 minutes) matches. It heals and shrinks the warriors’ strength, but can also upgrade units.

Where the general and regular units mutate and get twice as many attacks after filling the abdomen with three skulls, the magicians lock up new formulas for each head.

Skulls of the Shogun
Charming deer army

It means, first and foremost, that after a few hours you get tired of too small differences in the teams and that coincidences exist.

Instead, you realize that you are not very good.

Then you start gnawing your bones and realize just how much intellectual boutroom you have in practice. Then the wailing feeling of mourning comes crawling.

But at that point you are already charmed. Then you have been seduced by the fact the line in the colorful handwritten the appearance is characterized by, or the humorous word exchanges that mark the transition between new boards.

«Skulls of the Shogun» is not brilliant. For example, it’s not gonna be fun. It’s just polite . The combat system is reasonably deep, not widely varied. It’s simple and good craftsmanship, and a masterful example of the value of meeting modest ambitions.

Most importantly, it is portrayed in a way that fits the Xbox Live and mobile format as a guitar solo in powerball. Wondering during the lunch break, you’re just fine to do a few missions before the bell rings and it’s back to the early morning.

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