Silent Hill: Book of Memories For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

No, no, no. Completely wrong. This is not a “Silent Hill” game. Go back to start and try again.

«Silent Hill: Book of Memories». «The Elder Scrolls: Tamriel Dance Dance Revolution Move Edition». «Gran Turismo: Veltepetter Prologue». «Half-Life 3: Smurf Rescue». «Modern Warfare: Singstar Dance Band Hits». «BioShock III: Elf Bowling».

The top two of these sound like a good idea. ” Book of Memories ” is definitely not one of them.

A crazy misjudged concept, which is accidentally released on the market, in parallel with the launch of a new “Silent Hill” movie at the United States cinema.

Has stupid out

A “Silent Hill” game for Sony’s new handheld is basically sounded like a brilliant idea. It’s starting to be a few years since we got ” Silent Hill: Origins ” for PSP – and Vita is a significantly stronger console, with a really sharp screen.

Let me know that I have personally had White lying in a drawer since I bought it in our spring. “Book of Memories” is nevertheless a brilliant-cut pretext to wipe dust again. In theory. In practice, this is a bad disappointment.

It’s almost so that you could think Konami sat down and said “what’s the fans really want of a” Silent Hill game? “- and then tried their utmost to make it the opposite.

Konami allegedly wanted to create something “unconventional” for Vita, and according to producer Tomm Hulett (who has been in charge of the latest “Silent Hill” games), it was “a big pressure that we should have a” top-down “-camera”. So let’s not be too critical of the American developer WayForward. They have probably done their best with the constraints and requirements they have been awarded.

This is Konami’s error. Those who have stumbled completely out here are the ones.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Generic in “Diablo Light” style

So instead of a true “Silent Hill” experience for Vita, what do we get?

Yes, a generic “dungeon crawler” in the “Diablo Light” style, with simple action role-playing elements, ceiling ceilings and focus on multiplay. Uniform Button Emission, playing as a teenager in the grade classes “Jock”, “Goth”, “Preppy”, “Rocker” or “Bookworm”. Faceted.

For fun, I chose to play as a schoolgirl. Not so often I get the chance to be. She gets “Book of Memories” on her birthday, by none other than Howard’s postman from ” Silent Hill: Downpour “.

A book that houses all of her memories. She wondered what would happen if she started to change the pages of the book and there you have the whole story.

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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