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My interest in games and music has gone aside as long as I can remember.

When I finally got my fingers on the Aerosmith game Quest for Fame , the merger of my interests felt complete.

Although the primitive plastic plotter connected to the PC only recorded vibration, there was something about the ability to interact directly with music that lit something in me.

Scale nerding

After several years of intense “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” enthusiast, there was a revelation when ” Rocksmith ” was finally released in Europe just over a year ago. After several years as a low-level hobby musician, I could now plug the dusty guitar into the console to teach me some decent music.

Even though the game had its weaknesses – like a crooked menu system and massively lagging on the sound at some layouts – I loved it!

How could I not fall completely for the game that finally made me scales, and not least learned the solo in “More Than a Feeling”?

Tight and professionalized

As an indie favorite, with a fresh contract in his pocket from a big record label to follow up on a promising debut, “Rocksmith 2014” is professionalized, polished and tightened in most ways.

The result is so close to perfection that it was allowed to hope.

The most eye-catching improvement is the overhaul of the menu system. Most of these are intuitive and attractive during this time, while loading times are largely absent. Songs can be sorted by most or most of the criteria, and you can also create lists with your own favorites.

Gone is therefore most of the obstacles between aspiring musicians and the songs he or she wants to work with. After completing the song, you will also often get helpful suggestions for things to keep going on – like chords you often miss or techniques often encountered.

If you struggle with a specific party along the way, simply press a button to seamlessly be transported to the learning tool, “Riff Repeater”.

Rock Star «Riff Repeater»

And there really should not be much doubt that it’s this feature that is the big star in this show.

In addition to its apparent availability, this has become a far more efficient and flexible tool than it ever was in the predecessor.

You choose which aspect of the song you want to tame, pace and complexity. You can then play up in speed and / or complexity, until you feel the rifle or the solo you work well.

When you feel ready, you jump back to the ordinary game as easily as you left it.

“Riff Repeater” can also be used for more general adjustment if you feel the game has underestimated or overestimated the guitar skills. In this way, the level of difficulty becomes completely different to the player.

A relatively smart teacher

The dynamic difficulty that dominated the learning in the first game, also returns here. The difference is that the predecessor continually slammed more advanced taboos after you as you mastered – often with disorienting results – it is now expected to modify the tables to the riff have been a round.

This way you go up a little while avoiding unpleasant surprises in a party you just managed to get control of.

It also seems that the threshold is far higher to adjust players into difficulty. This makes it possible to add some extra to the level you are in – before “Rocksmith” decides to make things easier.

In sum, these adjustments make it take some time to naturally adapt to the complexity you want. However, this is not a big problem, since the manual check that you can use in “Riff Repeater” is always used to override the automation.

As the game begins to get the fertile of your inner rock, it also adjusts the overall mastering level of songs you have not yet played so you do not get the feeling of starting from the playhouse on every new song. 

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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