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The first thing that attracts me to “Risk of Rain” is the title.

I’m going to work with the expectation of an existentialistic journey in a giant, yet subtle universe.

The name even suggests some poetic sound.

So wrong – and at the same time right – you can take. This is a health-minded actionbonanza, driven by a deafening chaos: the fear and the expectation that glory at any time will end suddenly.

Hence the name, a game on the phrase “risk of ruin”. The gambler’s risk of losing everything once he has pushed all the hard earned winnings on the table in an all in .

What is meant by rainy weather as the worst evil, we shall not reveal.

We are, anyway, alone, stranded on a planet most highly inhabited, arriving with a freight cargo loaded with power resources now spread across the planet. Then we walk around, alone or four friends together, shoots everything that lives and accumulates stubbornly to become rich and powerful.

Permanent death

The chin is, and becomes, that the level of difficulty rises every five minutes before it reaches the level “HAHAHAHAHA” and disappears and dies and tries again and dies and tries again.

“Risk of Rain” is not a long-awaited role-playing game where you carefully calculate and systematize to perfect performance.

Instead, we get a traditional side-scrolling shooter in 2D where more is more  and chaos the absolute guiding force. The thoughts go to the big stars in recent times the trend of dirt games that permanently death play a key role.

Most importantly, perhaps, is ” FTL “, with its randomly generated course of action and huge replay value.

On an overall level, there might be “Risk of Rain” in the genre: safe, with simple mechanics and intuitive learning curves, but with a proper touch of coincidences and counteracting forces within the safe limits.

Power UP UP UP

You choose between ten shapes, all fundamentally different, with four skills each. All in all, the countless team combinations make up. The main emphasis, however, is not based on group tactics alone.

About 60 – 70 passive powerups of the type of ukulele, teddy bear or marmalade with magic flame spirit work in thundering harmony to keep the player alive.

For example, one of them can stop the time when one has low health while another is shooting missiles at random, while one third freezes random enemies to ice.

You collect, collect and gather until you have many, and they all activate each other’s mechanisms in spectacular, synergistic displays of death and destruction. Or healing in all forms.

In addition, there are around 30 user-activated weapons, which one can only have at one time. It is by chance what one of the things you get in the box. It is also where coffin is located, or where yourself and the ultimate goal is for that matter. Not to mention where the monsters appear on the map, who they are and often which map you are on at all.

The upgrades are terribly effective and counteracted by corresponding monstrous hordes of the planet’s original residents. They are so many and so angry that I do not understand if I play the game right, first, second and fifth. But I do. Just try again.

The result will be two enormous cosmic forces in constant conflict with each other: the players, with their almost uncontrollable amounts of damage, and the hard-wearing but predictable monsters.


It is clear that “Risk of Rain” is rooted in a simple technical framework. For example, one can not shoot upwards.

Many enemies can not walk down stairs, but are restricted to their own platform if you do not push them down. The simplicity allows space for the player to unfold, and is considered a good design choice.

Nevertheless, there are a few smaller pirk details that could have been in place. The synergy between some of the weapons does not work perfectly – in individual cases, not at all.

If I love one object that gives me +1 in max HP for each killed monster, I expect the effect to double when I have two.

Such mistakes, or potentially losing, make me struggle to trust that the rest of the items I pick up and their nice flaws work optimally. Most preferably, like in “Civilization”, I should have seen the numbers with their own eyes as soon as they become applicable.

If not other small errors came for days, or really anyway, it would eventually be a complex, complicated calculation. I would be able to see which mechanisms did not work exactly as expected, and then correct me.

The striking visual design, allegedly created in Paint, and the not so outrageous soundtrack by Chris Christodoulou, puts an atmosphere I might not have been beyond.

I may have forgotten to express it, but “Risk of Rain” is a wonderful entertaining addictive game, moving irresistibly from genre idols such as “Ikaruga” and “Metal Slug”.

“Risk of Rain” plays wide-open eyes and asses at the extremity of the stools, over and over again, because after each death you may have opened a few new objects or simply because the game itself is a kind of opium player.

Come one, come all and remember: the pleasure is best when you share it with good friends.

“Risk of Rain” was released on Steam on November 8th. 

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