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With ” Black Ops II “, ” Battlefield 3 ” extensions and ” Medal of Honor: Warfighter “, it has been a great fall for us shooting enthusiasts.

Despite the fact that it has mostly been nice with reverence of famous and dear series, it is still a “but”.

The genre can be claimed to stagnate. Stand on-site rest. However, some innovations have happened, but all in all, developers and publishers are accused of staying in the “comfort zone”. What’s needed is simply a kick in the romp.

Now is kicking landing, and the boot is called  ” Planetside 2 “.

Epic scale

32, 64, 128, 256? Where is the limit for what can be called really many players in a multiplayer match?

If you have played ” Battlefield 3 ” you will probably agree that it might be very hectic with 64 players who fight for hard life on the Grand Bazaar or Caspian Border.

Can you imagine how a 1000 player game would be?

“Planetside 2” blows the definition and lets loose up to 2000 – yes, two thousand players loose on each other.

And it’s not just about foot soldiers. Here we speak the whole moth: fighters, bombers, tanks, four-wheelers, trucks and massive transport aircraft, to name a few.

It actually takes some time before you can process and digest the size of the battles. It’s short and good shooter in an epic scale.

Having said that, it should be mentioned, in a bit more sober tone, that bats that bite a thousand players are rare. But it has happened.

Just knowing that happens again is enough to fill the stomach with butterflies.

Defined as a “MMOFPS” is “Planetside 2” for shooter what an oil tanker is for a 14 foot wreck. Gigantic.

Values qualification

As a new recruit, you must first choose between one of the game’s three factions: The Terran Republic, The New Conglomerate, or The Vanu Sovereignity.

Each faction has its favorite playing style.

Terran Republic focuses on armor and is therefore a bit slower, but stronger units. They can therefore be defined as the “veivalsen” in the group.

New Conglomerate has a lust for heavy firepower and fast drives. The stamp like the riot in the woodcutter is a good hit’n’run style.

Where the other two are relatively traditional army forces based on known and dear firepower, Vanu Sovereignty stands out with weapons and vehicles inspired by aliens.

Bullets and pistols have been replaced in favor of various variants of plasma weapons, while vehicles float over the ground rather than using traditional belts and wheels.

game wallpapers

Many roles

Despite their differences, the three factions are very well balanced against each other. It feels rarely unfair to be killed by the enemy. You died because you either met a better player or simply were inferior to firepower there and then.

The good balance of money is probably largely thanks to the traditional, petty, division of roles.

The Stein-scissor-paper principle largely applies, and all variants are available to all teams.

«Planetside 2» offers no less than seven different classes, all with their strengths and weaknesses:

«Light Assault» is the classic shooter class with good mobility, much thanks to a “jetpack” on the back and evenly good firepower with a common assault rifle.

«Medic» shares many similarities with Light Assault, minus rocket pack. In return, they are the only class to cure and revive other soldiers.

“Infiltrator” is a twist on a both loved and hated class from many games: the sniper. Equipped with a coarse calibrated rifle with even coarser optics, you must carefully find out that no mountain peaks are safe.

Do not be surprised, too, if the plight of plowing you through a hostile defense line is to be backed by an infiltrator who sneaked behind you – thanks to optical camouflage. Argh.

The “Engineer” class is called if it is empty for ammunition or something has to be repaired. And given the number of vehicles involved in a typical battle, it becomes fast to turn on.

Common to all of the above is that they have nothing to do with vehicles. If a trolley is rolling, it’s best to take your legs.

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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