Paper Mario: Sticker Star For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

Who would have thought that the Super Mario universe should end up fostering what is genuinely an incredibly good roleplay series?

Since Square and Nintendo enthusiasm all (unprecedented Europeans, we never got the game on Super Nintendo) with its somewhat new approach to the roleplaying mechanics in ” Super Mario RPG “, we have served a number of games in the genre with the barteman in the lead role.

Even the “Mario & Luigi” -spin off-series now counts three games – including perhaps the best games on DS and GameBoy Advance ever.


But where the games almost always delivered the goods, ” Super Paper Mario ” wrecked something. A few steps were taken to accommodate a mix of 2D platforms and 3D adventures. The humor in the game’s dialogue was still impeccable, but the game mechanics excitedly did not sign anything.

Now, developer Intelligent Systems has taken another radical step, and to be painfully honest: It’s not all the better.

With ” Paper Mario: Sticker Star ” it is clear: the series has simply lost itself.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Delightful and furious festive dialogue!

It does not take long until you notice where the problems lie, but within that time you get served the usual impeccable writing style for Nintendo. The dialogue is simply amazing, with an incredible amount of humor.

The fact that everything is flat and paper-like is also being utilized completely all the time. The poor paper toader is folded, torn and taped in the Bowser trying to get rid of the actual mega stickers – The Royal Stickers.

These stickers give unprecedented effort to the paper people, and your job is getting them back. You do not get any regular sidekicks like in the old games, but rather Kersti, a kind of god form that lets you tear out things from the background.

A common role-playing game is not exactly this. The areas are divided into paths you can visit several times via a world map similar to what you’ll find in the usual “Mario” games, with an end boss on the last of them.

I miss the more fluid transitions and living the worlds ” Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door ” gave us, even though it works fine too. It just gets a little less to do and a little less secrets to discover on your own.

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