Nintendo announces Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for Android and iOS

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp For PC, Windows, Android (APK) and iPhone Free Download

After several delays,  Nintendo revealed last Tuesday (24) the release of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, game that brings the series to the mobile universe. With versions for Android and iOS, the game was developed to be a free experience that will be made publicly available from the end of November.

The game follows a scheme similar to the other games of the franchise, but instead of a house, here you will have to take care of a camping van. Players will be able to upgrade their mobile homes and invest in the purchase (or creation) of decorative items while interacting with other residents in the vicinity.

The furniture and objects you have can be made from items found in the environments, and you can get into your van to visit different settings – including a tropical resort. The monetization of the game will be done through microtransactions made through the currency known as “Leaf Tickets”, which allow you to accelerate projects and replace items that you have not collected when creating something.

Differences and similarities

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp differs from other franchise games in some ways: most of the features will be achieved by fulfilling some of the missions given by visitors. In addition, your level of friendship with the game animals will be increased both by giving items to them and by fulfilling certain conditions specified by them.

The game will allow you to visit your friends’ vans and exchange items with them, using a system of IDs specific to each one you connect to (something similar to Friend Codes and codes already used in titles such as Fire Emblem Heroes) . The promise of Nintendo is that the game will receive constant updates, with rights to events that celebrate dates such as Christmas and New Year.

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