Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

It is allowed to have some expectations when Level 5 and Japan’s largest animation tolerance, Studio Ghibli, unite specialties.

When the creators of amazing ” Dark Chronicle ” and more “Dragon Quest” titles snuggle role-playing with the folks behind some of the time’s finest animation testers, the possibilities are almost endless. 

Listed by Hayao Miyazaki, Ghibli’s craftsmanship and ability to create credible characters and universe with simple means have been honored and admired for decades. The films have been such a great source of inspiration for Pixar that it has led to fruitful cooperation.

Therefore, it sounds almost too good to be true when the animation studio for the second time in history is involved in a game, but it’s not necessarily the best of both worlds this.

everyday Drama

Already right from the start, when you’re in the role that Oliver carries around in an idyllic small town, it becomes clear that they will spend time on the everyday drama that is usually not the victim’s many thoughts in play. In Ghibli’s tradition, naivism and nostalgia are also used as tools for identifying specific keys in the emotional register.

However, they do not discourage vague topics like death and family conflicts, and it will be quite effective when Oliver’s mother dies in an accident you and the friend are largely responsible for.

The problem is just that game mechanics become too simple when you just have to go back and forth to participate in endless dialogues. Even the target is marked on the map. You do not even run the roller coaster but the teacups at the tivoli.

Later, you will find qualities like enthusiasm and courage for those who lack it. This could be an interesting mechanism if it was actually woven into the story elements, where the personality reflected the characteristics and it was your task to discover them.

Unfortunately, you are guided through the tasks as if you go with “I’m traveling alone” sign.

Fortunately, the characters are both trustworthy and gracious, in a genre that is often lubricated into sticky, supercarical clichés and drawn in crocodile tears and melodrama.

With its screaming explosive dramatic teenage crises, Japanese role-playing games are not known to be subtle. Unfortunately, they rarely manage to convey more emotional commitment than sitting on a hot dass seat.

Here it is more low-key and backward, where the roles get more space to find their place in the universe. It takes time, but you care about them anyway. That I actually remember all the roles I have met deserves almost a separate price.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Enter into the Ghibli universe

A Ghibli signature lies not only in the dramaturgy and role gallery, but also in the entire universe. Have you seen “My neighbor Totoro”, “Laputa: Heavenly castle” or “Princess Mononoke”, you will be keen on more than one “relative” on the road.

When Oliver’s mother dies, the journey begins into a parallel reality, where all people in our world have equivalents. This also creates the opportunity to save the life of the mother and the realm of happiness is under way.

There is something Astrid Lindgren and Michael Ende all over. Especially the symbolic struggle against death in the “Brothers Lion Heart” and the parent name of “Mio, my Mio” worms in the background. It is not unlikely either – Miyazaki has been inspired by Lindgren before, and in due course he has wanted to make Japanese animation of “Pippi Langstrømpe”.

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