Medal of Honor: Warfighter (Multiplayer) For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

Daniel is no longer excited about the one-player part of “Medal of Honor: Warfighter”.

I have used the last time in the marsh boots of the Armed Forces Special Command – a rather pleasant gang when you first get past embarrassing calls like “we go in!” With child-wise voices as they let out and rapple down to missions.

The multiplayer portion of the autumn’s great shooter from EA is a courtesy affair. With a little touching and an even more personal estimate, it could be really good.

Because it will take a little while before it is possible to carry this package.

Do not feel at home

The idea of frustrating people’s pride by forcing them to choose from different countries’ special forces is brilliant.

I can not mimic for others, but I got up in my teens before I managed to shake off the plane to become a Balaklautled Special Soldier who tucked in the doors and squinted over the shoulder.

If the choice in the game was anything but a small match, a flag and some tiny bonuses, it would have been much more effective. And it’s a little where ” Warfighter ” falls off. You rarely feel any belonging to the figure you play.

The class system is well balanced and there are clear differences between two basically equal roles like Point Man and Assaulter. If something deserves Danger Close Honors to make it possible to distinguish between different infantry in a genre, all of which are largely reduced to baboons with some kind of Colt abortion in their hands.

The problem arises when you have unlocked some equipment and realize that in true “Full Metal Jacket” style you are brushing it and nothing else. No special features. No ability to tailor the bonuses you get to knock more enemies in a row. No cool outfit. It will be too thin when the competition makes this so masterful.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter (Multiplayer)

Good craftsmanship

It’s not hard to enjoy warfare in “Warfighter”, and they have done the basics at home.

The frostbyte engine looks good on console, albeit a good chunk away from how big brother “Battlefield 3” realizes it. The weapons are varied, well balanced and crunch well. The mode selection has no obvious shortcomings.

The shooting game is good and suffers primarily from fierce competition.

“Modern Warfare” has perfected tight, intense fights where the murpus sprays around every corner. “Battlefield 3” is unique in larger strokes where more coarse tactical estimates have first priority. “Warfighter” is a pear in the middle.

Level design is not very good. In deathmatchit’s not terribly important, but the more tactical modes suffer from obvious stagnation points and are imbalanced. Even simple, symmetrical boards struggle with uninteresting fillings and environments that are too easy to barricade into.

Another annoyance is the Buddy Spawn system, where you can return to battlefields side by side with a team mate if he manages to stay out of the shot line.

If an enemy glows at your buddy while you stop coming back, the counter will resume. The thought must have been that you do not let long walks back to battlefields or wait in tough menus, but more often than not, it just ends up with even more thumbs up, and after a few battles you learn to just start in the base again.

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