Little Big Planet Karting For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

Sackboy sits behind the wheel and warns with a karting / platform hybrid that does not smell faded .

” Little Big Planet Karting ” is a star example that the ideas are now drying out, the willingness to risk from the big ones in the industry is less – and indications that it will not be so long until there is a new Playstation console ?

Less wait this time

If you have already established a universe with the charm Sackboy, why not push any extra drops out of the lemon?

There are people behind the ” ModNation Racers ” behind, the developers who in 2010 made a game we once referred to as ” Little Car Planet ” precisely because of the focus on games, cabinets and things that ” Little Big Planet ” have been completely in the bridge for.

“ModNation Racers” was a shame of very long loading times between each race, it could take a few minutes or more, with waiting.

Fortunately, this is not the case with “Little Big Planet Karting”.

Too powerful weapons

It has probably been important for United Front Games to separate this from “ModNation” as much as possible, but to bring with it what was actually good – primarily the track editor.

This allows you to “paint” webs with wide brushes, match the terrain by simple presses on the shoulder buttons – and then decorate a bit by, for example, planting trees or building some houses. It’s fast, very easy and intuitive.

The actual design of the “finished” courses I have bigger issues with: To give a taste of the Sackboy universe, the developers have tried to make paths that contain some nod back to the platform game.

This means that you are hives in the air and through objects in the air, into a new “floor” or get an introduction before each world with an equally naughty story as in the first two “Little Big Planet”.

” Mario Kart 7 “, for example, had items where you either fled slightly or got other airy spells. However, unlike in the “LBP Karting”, they were not passivated and put on the spot when you floated.

Little Big Planet Karting

I could imagine much more Sack madness , soul, more fun – and some surprises. And a tight design lying in the bottom.

Another important thing in an “LBP” game is how to fix stickers and new items that you can use to decorate your Sackboy or use in the other aspects of the game that create creativity. In addition, the weapons, power-ups you’ll find in the races, fit excessive and rugged.


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