Lego The Lord of the Rings For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

When Lego’s loving harseleling with pop cultural phenomena has rounded ten games, it is easy to build skepticism about the vitality of new games.

How long can it be fun to see iconic situations being recreated as small virtual plastic figures?

Then it’s a bit surprising that Traveler’s Tales not only keeps cooking, but surpasses itself. Their interpretation of “The Lord of the Rings” is my clear favorite to date.

Better scenes

The graphics are generally two notches above what we have used to in previous games, and it is probably due to the fact that they have become very good at making atmospheric abstract scenes from the movies.

They have successfully reduced the use of legoclocks when they create the environment, instead trying to reproduce a kind of experience where the plastic leakage fades in natural landscapes.

The technology has also got a little jump and the game is brilliant with some great camera effects that make use of the focus in a great way. In addition, the use of light, shadow and water effects turns into full bloom in some scenes. This is probably the nicest game in the series.

Original voices

This time, developers have also been granted permission to use the original voices from the movies on which the game is based. Of course, it raises the level further, and actually contributes to creating a greater sense of parody.

The associations given by the original voices underpin the parody where the actions you perform are taken out of context. The smiles come fast when you have to perform completely puzzled tasks, which may not have any root in the situations from the movies. Childish / childish surrealism, one might say.

Lego The Lord of the Rings

Game Mechanics is basically about navigating through the environment by solving the “riddles” in the environment – which essentially involves using the different characteristics of the characters.

That way, it’s more common with point-and-click games than the action game you might get an impression of. There is an exploration and mystery that is the reason behind.

With the well-known arch of LEGOlas, the rope of Sam and the light from Earindil to Frodo, the properties will be used to move on – preferably in a form of combination or cooperation.

Sometimes the collaborative requirements are quite entertaining too – where it is important to communicate with each other.

It’s rarely really difficult, but challenge or coping is not the point either. It is largely exploration set in system.

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