Legend of Coin Download for PC (Windows) Android & IOS

Legend of Coin is just another monster-story game. Players have to collect dragons. The dragons will be then nurtured to transform into beasts. Players will keep the dragons as their pets.

They will raise the dragons, train them for the battles and then use them for their means. There are over 200 different dragons to choose from. By winning the battles using your dragons, you will earn coins. These coins are later on used to upgrade your dragons. That’s the entire concept of this game.

Coins are categorised into 4 parts in this game. There is a Magma Coin. This coin will bring in a magma wall in the side pocket. The Lightning Coin will let the dragons throw fire for a few seconds if not minutes. Gift Coin wall has a different purpose. This wall let the players claim special coins and special monster prizes to appear in the game for a specific duration of time. Zeus Coin is for the power-ups.

If this coin comes up, you will be able to launch power-attacks on your enemies. As far as the graphics are concerned, this game does not offer very high-res graphics. Graphics are just mediocre. The game primarily runs on Android OS. Some users might want to play it on their computers. Playing it on a computer is incredible easy. In this guide, I will show you a method to run Legend of Coin for PC.

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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Download: Google Play Store Link

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Download: iPadian ( For iOS Apps )

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