Learn how to save your photos straight to your SD card

Learn how to save your photos straight to your SD card

Everyone knows that storage capacity is an important aspect of smartphones. Whether it’s to download apps or save videos and music, the SD card is a welcome option to save both your device memory and cloud storage space, such as Google Drive and DropBox. If you are a fan of photography and like to take multiple photos on your phone, using the card as the default option for storing your pictures can be a good alternative.

But how to do that? Where is the option in the settings to adjust the storage of the images? Is there any application that facilitates the process?

It sounds complicated, but it’s quite simple: just look for the setting in the camera’s own application, which allows you to select the SD card as the default location for the photos to be saved. However, it is important to remember that not all applications have this function, and the same is true for manufacturers.

Here, we’ll teach you how to use the SD card to store both your camera-captured images and those captured in third-party applications.

How to use the SD card for storage on Samsung smartphones

  • Open the camera app
  • Look for the settings icon, the gear, and touch it.
  • You will see a screen with several options available. Scroll down until you find the “Storage location” option. Touch it and choose “Memory card”.
  • From now on, all photos recorded by the camera’s default application will be stored on the SD card. If you prefer to save them on your phone, simply redo the steps and choose the device instead of the card.

Using the SD card as the default storage in the Camera MX app

Camera MX is a photo app available for both Android and iOS. Here you have some features that go beyond those offered by native mobile apps, such as filters, effects, and frames that can be added to the image before capture.

Another feature available is the ability to edit and manage your photos with the Media Manager, which provides edits and adjustments to light, brightness, contrast, and more.

To change the storage location of your Camera MX images, just follow these steps:

  • Open the application.
  • When you hold your phone in landscape mode, you’ll see a three-dot icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Touch it.
  • Options such as changing the size of the images and using the scene mode will be displayed, but we will not touch it at the moment. Touch the gear icon in the corner.
  • When you enter the screen with the camera settings, scroll the page until you find the option “Individual storage location”. Click on it to access the memory card usage option. If the application needs some permission, go to “Allow”.
  • Now touch “Select storage location” and select the SD card so your photos are stored right in it. Ready!

Alternate Method: Enable Acceptable Storage

Okay, let’s say your camera does not have an option to choose local storage for photos. In this case, you can use the add-on storage, an option that is available for Android 6.0 and above. It enables the SD card to integrate with the internal storage, functioning as part of the device, allowing files and even apps to be saved. Manufacturers such as ASUS and Motorola have already adhered to this format.

However, do not forget that if you use it, everything from your phone that is internal will go to the card, not just your photos.

Now you’ve learned how to use your SD card to store your photos and even internal files on your phone. The name of the settings we show here may change on some devices, but the steps are basically the same. In either case, the use of the SD card is likely to be available in the camera application settings.

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