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I have a fundamental problem with point-and-click adventure games. Adding easy-to-understand and funny stories aside, it’s rare they can engage and absorb me to the extent they need.

I have little patience, there are rarely more ways to score, I hate to waste time stuck and there are otherwise very many things that can go wrong.

For me, adventure games all too often go down to the art of guessing what the creators want you to do, as opposed to letting you look up the solutions themselves logically. It’s often a problem for me.

A kind of point-and-click text adventure

So what happens when an adventure game appears that does not really work out in a predetermined script, but instead lets you puzzle your own story based on the choices you take – without ever blaming you for mistakes or giving up the illusion of right and wrong in the first place?

” Kentucky Route Zero ” is possibly just the game I need – just because it’s as open to interpretation as it is.

Only the game’s first chapter is out, but is this any indication of what is waiting for the remaining four, I promise you that Telltale Games has become a rival when it comes to coping with the episode format.

There are two reasons why it’s a bit scary to put too much about “Kentucky Route Zero”.

Firstly, it’s a game I have not yet managed to get under the skin.

It’s an incredibly intimate, sober and mature story with a lot of atmosphere, primarily about the characterization of characters, through dialogues and minimalist depictions.

A man, a truck and a dog with straw hat

The game thus completely deals with the subtle, clever autobiography behind, which never reveals anything more about itself than the absolute must – both through the cryptic text descriptions you get from pushing around the surroundings and the atmospheric visual expression.

The whole picture almost feels like a floating canvas of lines and strong contrasts, with a backtrack of sound that knows exactly when it’s going to shut up and let the silence talk.

Secondly, it is a game that is relatively ambiguous and open to interpretation. The themes are there absolutely, and also a mystery to solve in your own mind.

But everything beyond the immediate premise is fairly ambiguous.

You play essentially like a man named Conway, a courier driver on delivery missions through Kentucky. He stops at a gas station, navigates through bumpy roads and explores abandoned mining plants.

Kentucky Route Zero

Still, prisons never play you in his role alone.

Often you get to take over other characters, where Conway suddenly becomes the stranger who enters the story – which in turn questions your own role as a player.

All of this you try to puzzle together in your own head. Not least, the real mystery behind the delivery to Conway – the meaning of the infamous Zero route, which extends through the state.

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