Honkai Impact 3 For PC, Android, iOS & Mac Free Download

Without a shadow of a doubt Honkai Impact 3 remains one of Android’s most beautiful games. The game that uses Unreal Engine 4 has an anime style chin-drop. With the release of the game’s English APK, it is now possible to understand much more of the story and the relationship between the characters.

Honkai Impact 3 has been released in Asian countries that also speak English. With that the game received a new version and launch in Google Play. It is not available on Brasul’s Google Play, but simply download the APK and install that the game works normally. No registration required.

Description of the game on Google Play:

“Honkai, the mysterious power responsible for the destruction of human civilization countless times, descended upon this beautiful world once again …” With the lands now flooded with dead mortals and animals of Honkai, a group of girls carrying the burdens of despair remain theirs fight on. Will Is there any hope of joining the survival? “

Three years ago, the third Honkai descended on the Vastsky city in the far east … In the glow of the sunset, Valkyria Kiana jumped from the Hyperion, falling through the clouds like a meteor that fell to a warship. His relentless Valkyrie determination represented a glimmer of hope. With this breathtaking scene, the story of Captain and Hyperion begins and the stage is ready for battle with Honkai. Fight for everything that is beautiful in this world!

[INTRODUCTION OF THE GAME] Honkai Impact 3 follows the story of Kiana and her team’s resistance against Honkai. In an epic adventure to save the world, the experiences of the Valkyries-Kiana, Mei, and Bronya develop gradually. Players will play as captain of the warship Hyperion, commanding each of the unique Valkries in their fight against mortal dead and Honkai whales worldwide. Players will progress through various stages, try different arguments and fight together for everything that is beautiful in the world!

Link to Download APK

Links to download ANDROID

Developer: miHoYo Limited 
Advertising: Yes | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.3 
Language: English | Size: 940 MB

Honkai Impact 3 For PC, Android, iOS & Mac Free Download

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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