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I love ” Hitman: Absolution “. I think IO has found a fantastic solution to a problem that has existed since the first game in the series, namely the lack of a proper continuous floating game on top.

With that I do not think the game should contain bombastic explosions and lots of superficial Hollywood action.

On the contrary. I just need the game to put my skills in a little perspective, showing me some contrasts, and not afraid to knock me down in mud as motivation.

Old dresses, new clothing

The “Hitman” series has always been about this. You play as Agent 47, the most competent assassin in history.

But only if you play your cards correctly, of course.

A mission in “Hitman” has many fragile variables, and there has never been much to do to destroy a well-planned plan.

That’s why the levels are as harshly composite as they are. They live.

The population has agendas and chores. Police officers patrol. Craftsmen rush around and fix things. People talk and discuss what is happening in the surroundings.

Your job is to throw a wrench into the well-stocked machinery and see how the system changes in line.

In fact, the solution to your mission is always as intriguing as you do it, and the game is as difficult as you want to challenge it.

Perhaps I choose to take out a goal with my pistols after following the goal into an alley, simply and simply?

Maybe I choose to shoot a crane that’s over, so it all looks like an accident? Or maybe I choose nonchalantly to push him down in a kum as he walks past?

Or the complicated variant: follow the drug ranger instead, clap his clothes, sneak me past the guard of his apartment – eventually use a rifle he has lying on his desk to take my goal away from a distance.

Targeted agent business

“Absolution” at least shows that it is not justmeaningless violence. Everything has a purpose. You are professional. If you have a goal, you do not waste time on other than that goal.

But sometimes you have to work a bit extra to reach him or her – and that is where the “Hitman” games begin seriously.

Hitman: Absolution

That way, it’s almost a bit humbling to admit that the game looks surprisingly good as a direct action game too – even if you have to be a bit of a misunderstood soul to actually go for that approach.

For me, the “Hitman” series consists of a few other important principles.

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