Hideki Kamiya fully relies on Resident Evil 2 Remake

The director of the original video game has faith in the work that is being carried out from Capcom.

Hideki Kamiya fully relies on Resident Evil 2 Remake

Veteran creator Hideki Kamiya, one of the most reputable Japanese managers in the history of video games, has spoken about Resident Evil 2 – Remake with the authority that confers on him having been the director of the original video game.

“It’s going to be much better than that,” Kamiya said through his official Twitter account when asked about his opinion on this remake. Although he confessed that he has not seen anything of the project in motion yet.

In addition, he joked with who runs the video game, a role that some rumors attributed to himself. “I heard that a good friend of mine is directing the remake, let’s trust him and wait to see new information,” Kamiya said. “I went over drinks with him last year and told him to do things his way, that’s how directors should work, I trust him and his team.”

The talk of the game brought back memories of his involvement in the development of the original. “It was the first video game that I directed and I was young and immature when I did it, but I worked furiously on it, it brings back many memories to talk about them,” he explained. “Mikami told me to make my name bigger as a director in the credits, but its size already seemed too much for me, so I used an oblique typeface, Mikami told me if I was joking.”

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