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In my “Halo” career, I have cheered me through the original, cost me the sequel and by far bored me through number three.

” ODST ” tried to spray new spark into the series, but did not quite get it – and ” Reach ” was also just completely …  alright .

The series has gradually become like a kind of fluffy and well-produced grandis in the game oven. No longer very relevant as a shooter innovator, nor the media’s sci-fi Magnum Opus.

Everyone has played them, but very few people know that the last games are crazy.

It is a pity.

Halo 4

Therefore, it was perfectly fine for me that Bungie reluctantly let the baton go to developer 343 Industries, and it has given immediate results – at least at first glance.

Not innovative stuff

For the game, crazy is nice to look at. Much nicer than Bungie ever had.

At the same time, it is happening more and more on the ever bigger and bigger paths, jeweled with prospects we have not seen since the original struck our breath 11 years ago.

But let’s jump a few months back, to E3 this year. ” Halo 4 ” was shown to be a big shock during Microsoft’s press conference.

What got stuck was a far greater color range, a more pronounced sense of being inside a helmet and what looked like interchangeable visors that showed the world in different ways.

Last year it became clear that 343 had headhunted prominent developers from Sonys Guerrilla Games (” Killzone “) and Nintendo’s Retro Studios (” Metroid Prime “), so it was not surprising when people began to draw parallels to the latter.

It’s sparkling at least well in my mind – think about 343 pulling the series in such a direction, with larger areas that can be explored, while the series’s crazy action is still intact ?!

That’s how it’s been.

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