Guardians of Middle-earth For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

Clearly, the dream of a “MOBA” for consoles is a touch of one and the other among the game producers. The League of Legends is, according to some measurements, the world’s biggest game .

Others believe that the ” DoTA ” – “WarCraft III” board that popularized the concept – thrones on top. Extremely few gamblers are bigger at the moment.

Warner Brothers are lucky enough to retrieve the Lord Lord’s license from the shelf, stretch it around an experimental strategy game and finish it. «MOBA» on 1-2-3.

” Guardians of Middle-earth ” are neither good nor bad. If anything, it could be an important step outside the PC world for the genre. But you world so forgetful, then.

Class divisions

At its simplest, this can be boiled down to a strategic experience with role-playing elements, taking one of a number of figures from the “Lord of the Lord” universe.

The courses come in two forms: three-and-one-fold.

It simply determines how many ways it is to the goal, which is to crash the opponent base. On the road you have to deny computer-controlled towers and enemies, as well as other players.

In a perfect universe there is a compulsory composition, but basically you choose between five types of figures with different strengths.

defender’s role is to hold back the enemies without necessarily killing them, where Warrior willfirst and foremost chew the heroes of others. Enchants are the best together with another hero, and usually enhance the characteristics of other characters. And so on.

Good results are rewarded with gold money, which in turn can be used on new heroes, equipment and magic drinks.

Eventually, publishers are also going to pay for new heroes and modes, but there are no traces of so-called microtransactions – for so long.

game wallpapers

Pilot infrastructure

It took some time to look past the rotten facade of the strategy game. Menu systems with too many buttons, blurred colors and fonts that bear the touch that the interface was the last to think about.

In the world of brown games, this is the beige king.

The first impression makes a lot of your mood. In a pure multiplayer experience like this, how much of the time is unfortunately used on hold, it is all the more important. It took me two days before I once played against real people. Now in the days, I’m lucky if I find a match after four, five minutes of waiting. It usually takes two or three times as long.

It’s not a crisis, even though I know I can be half way through a match in ” Black Ops II ” at that time. But it’s something about the mode you’re in when you first hit the battlefield, and have to see the rusty figures chirping in the bird’s eye among uninspired surroundings. You make slightly stricter requirements for your entertainment.

Some games are so beautiful that you give the bark to their blemishes. « Mirror’s Edge » is a nearby example. Other games, such as “Guardians of Middle-earth”, must prove that it’s a cool kiss on the inside. And that’s where the “Lord of the Rings” version of “Battle Royale” hits cracks.

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