Firechat app Download latest version for Android,IOS and for PC

Firechat App ~ The Best offline connector for free:

Firechat app is an mobile oriented app that lets people to get connected without the help of internet connection or calls or messages and hence firechat app lets people to get connected free of cost in simple. The main advantage of the firechat app is that it allows communication between people without any internet connection or calls that literally means get connected to people free of cost. Firechat is an people connecting app and this article will give you the full information regarding the app and link to get the app. Scroll through friends!!!!!

firechat app

firechat app

Initially the app was designed for apple devices and later it was introduced for android devices also. Basically firechat app uses wireless mesh networking technology which enable the app to get connected via Wifi or Bluetooth and peer to peer connectivity in apple. This beautiful app is designed by open Garden.

Firechat app~ A life saving app for us (24*7 Connectivity):

firechat app

firechat app

The app has helped a lot of people across the world particularly in times of protesting, natural disasters where the mobile networks might not be working temporarily or signal based issues or poor or no internet connection. Hence this app is a very useful app and a must app in our phones that will make sure we are always connected to the world in spite of our mobile balance and mobile network.

Download and Install firechat app for your devices here!!!

Various ways to get Firechat app on your devices:

  • You can download firechat app for apple and android devices using their official website open Garden.
  • Download firechat app using Google Play for android devices
  • Get firechat app using apple store for apple devices.
  • Download and install firechat app for windows PC using Bluestacks Emulator method
  • Install firechat app for Apple PC using iPadian emulator method.

Advantages of Firechat app and its key features:

  • First and most important advantage is that it is an life saving app that enables people to get connected in spite of their mobile balance and mobile networks.
  • We don’t need to care about our Mobile network signal and poor internet connectivity.
  • It helps people in times of natural disasters, Honest protests and similar activities.
  • Use it anywhere. No need to be bothered whether you are on a ship or plane!!
  • You can create public network connection and as well as private network connections.
  • You can also send pictures via firechat app and it is a great advantage.
  • Firechat app gives an coverage of 200 feet that is approximately 60 metres.


Download Firechat app for android devices [OFFICIAL]:

Friends, this part of the article will give the extracted steps to download and install firechat app on your android smart phones.

You can download the firechat app for android smartphones using their official website or you can use the Google Play.



You can get the firechat app from their official Website Open Garden.

To get firechat app using Google Play then Kindly Click the below link.

Download firechat using Google play

Download Firechat app for Apple devices[OFFICIAL]:

As said in the above paragraph, the app was initially designed for apple devices and hence it is available in App store and we can download firechat app using that.

Get firechat app on your Apple device

You can also download the app from their official website Open Garden

Get Firechat app for Windows PC by Bluestacks emulator:

You can also download the firechat app on your windows PC and Laptop and hence you can establish connectivity through your PC also provided you PC has Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity.


Bluestacks is the most used and best android emulator that is being used in most of the PC’s. Kindly scroll down to get firechat app on your Windows PC using Bluestacks Emulator method.

  • Firstly you need the Bluestacks emulator. If you don’t have Bluestacks emulator then kindly download and install the bluestacks emulator from the official website.
  • Once the Bluestacks emulator is installed on your PC then kindly restart the PC and sign into the Bluestacks emulator using your gmail account.
  • Once you complete the above process then the home screen will appear.
  • now search for firechat in the search bar.
  • once you find the app then kindly click on it and click install.
  • Now the app will be installed. Once the installation is done then firechat app is ready for use on your PC or Laptop. Enjoy it friends!!!!

Get Firechat app for Apple devices using iPadian method:

iPadian emulator is one of the best and most used emulators for Apple devices.We have provided the steps to get firechat app on you Apple PC and Laptop below.



  • Download and install iPadian Emulator on you PC.
  • Once the installation is done then kindly restart the system.
  • Now kindly proceed into the iPadian Emulator and search for firechat app in the search bar.
  • Once you find the app then kindly click on it and install it.
  • Kindly be patient until the installation finishes.
  • Once the installation is completed then the app is ready for use and now you can get connected to the world without even your PC is stand alone.

All Info Park~ We support Noble Causes:

All Info Park, a complete website that focus only on User satisfaction feels responsible by this article. The App FIRECHAT helps people to get connected in times of natural disasters, man made disasters, noble protests where the connectivity can be established without the help of any mobile networks and hence it is an Life Saving App and we feel great that you have provided us an opportunity to provide such information to the world. Thank You Friends.

Friends we hope that we have provided simple steps to get firechat app on your devices and this app will make sure your safety and we hope you are satisfied with this post. If you have any queries then kindly reply us and we will revert back soon. Have a Good Day Friends!!!!

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