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I have serious trouble falling for ” Far Cry 3 “. It’s easy for the kind of game I might have fallen for – an open and vibrant world, rich and colorful island landscapes, a big and wide toolbox to play with.

The game hits like all the points it needs to create a properly composed playpen. But for some reason, it never ends up like that.

Instead, Ubisoft takes shortcuts. They unleash items from other games in the genre and attach them with tape, go back and forth on what the game really is about, and equate it with the most blown movie region ever.

A PETA adventure

In “Far Cry 3” you follow a friend’s boy who appears on a holiday island. They are captured by modern pirates (those with AK-47).

But while someone goes away, you are instead sent continuously through the forest and end up in the hands of the local militias. Thus a new mass murderer and warrior has been born.

The rest of the game is really just a blissful fever dream of narcotic drugs, hallucinations and grandiose, overdramatized characters. As you get to know, the island is full of psychopaths, although much of the tone and drive drift away behind the bushes in light of what you are playing as a player.

I do not quite know, but telling people about the terribleness of man through long-range dialogues loses a bit of the effect when I have just returned from a trip where I have blown turtles and pigs with bombers.

Why? So I can sew their shine together to bigger pockets and thus accommodate more grenades. And who was the psychopath here again?

The economy collapses

In other words, it is a game system in “Far Cry 3” that lets you put together a lot of toolboxes yourself.

Arsenal, wallet and ammunition belts can always accommodate more if you are willing to give up time to fish around twigs and flowers – as long as you do not have the trouble that developers do not hesitate to turn around in the door to confirm the time You’ve actually invested would have been worth it.

There is something about how the whole economy collapses over itself. For example, the weapons you have to pay for access – unless you just wander around the bushes and unlock them for free.

Likewise, you are told that you should spend a lot of time collecting medicines so you can play yourself, when you get a chance to do it completely for free from the abilities you unlock.

game wallpapers

Working towards the open world

It’s just as if the game wipes itself over time. A weapon is similar to the other, spray tips and properties stick together and make the development of your figure completely stagnant and uninteresting.

Most of what you have access to unlock also has so narrow applications that you would think they were just tailored to very specific areas of the game.

For example, you can shoot with a gun while ripping down iron jellyfish. Or assassinate more enemies at once from a variety of angles. The circumstances are almost real in the directed story, which does not even try to live up to its open format with all the carped clichés and sequences you are going through.

I almost got a hitch leap as I was sent through another hunting scene where I was in the back of the car with grenade launchers and infinite ammunition.

Or seamless QTE sequences with keyboard and mouse. Or the mandatory shadow assignment ™, where I had to sneak out for a car without being seen.

There is nothing here that works for the open world that is organized. On the contrary, the whole game is mechanically designed to lose much of the organic and spontaneous as geography and nature as well as to substantiate and motivate.

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