Elemental Lords For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download


Elemental Lords For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

Since ancient times, people worshiped the elements, beguiling them with gifts and composing songs in their honor. Fire lights everything around, and the Darkness recedes.
The earth lies in the Void, water flows from above, filling all the depressions and cracks. The air fills the Void over the other elements.
Together they created a world in which we all exist.

When a user starts playing, he gets a starter set consisting of “base” cards.
In the future, you can buy rare and more powerful cards by purchasing sets of cards or getting cards as a reward for participating in the games in the Arena.
Sets of cards and entry to the Arena can be bought for gold, which is a game currency. Gold can be obtained by performing daily tasks and battling in the Arena.

– The sum of the forces of all cards of the battle deck is equal to your health.
– Each card belongs to a certain element: water, fire, air or land.
– Each card has a unique beautiful picture, name and strength.
– Strength can be increased by raising the level of the card.
– Maps have several gradations of quality: from the ordinary to the mythical. The higher the card level, the higher the strength and quality. Even a hobbit or a lizard can become mythical.
– The level can be increased for gold, but if you absorb maps of the same elements, the cost of raising the level decreases, often to zero. Just click on the card in the battle deck or bag and see if there are cards for it to absorb.
– In duels, players fight, striking each other with their cards. In dueling, you yourself choose a pair of cards that will inflict damage to each other. The stronger the card, the stronger the damage.
– Elements cause each other increased damage to the ancient canon: water floods the fire, the fire burns the air, the air blows away the earth, the ground falls asleep.

Performing daily tasks, you can receive valuable resources: silver and gold. There are various collections in the game, for which you can get some bonuses. The collection includes all the cards that you have visited in your bag or battle deck, even if you no longer have these cards.

Go through the trials, defeat the bosses, get good cards for every victory!

Collect the strongest deck of cards and become the Master of all four elements!

Elemental Lords For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

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