DmC: Devil May Cry For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

” DmC: Devil May Cry ” is scary near perfection. With that I do not think it’s necessarily a perfect game – just that it really encapsulates the series has built since the first game in 2001.

This from Ninja Theory, in addition, a British developer studio known for a game that is in many ways less than what a new combo of Capcom’s series needed to be. Yes, I look at you, ” Enslaved “.

It nevertheless makes sense, in a sense, as good developers manage to emphasize the parts that represent the core of the experience.

In “Enslaved” was the story and thus the depiction of the characters and their relationship that was important. Here, however, there is pure technique and game mechanics that must be seated – something that absolutely does.

«Just doing God’s work»

However, it is not the case that the game lacks a story in the back. Is there one thing the studio can, is it writing.

I do not think “DmC” poses anything worse at the point of the brain-dead material. This is after all about a rebellious, frustrated youth who runs around and strikes things with his sword. Interpret what you want.

However, the revitalization is based on the original starting point. The main character Dante sits with mixed blood from both heaven and hell, and therefore can enter into a dimension of ravaged demons.

The difference now is that corruption that is leaked to the real world has had a societal crunch.

Evil manifests itself in a soaring capitalist society, where it affects devices such as marketing, the media and a whole new definition of what we thought we knew as “corporate hell”.

So that Ninja Theory has managed to get the hallmarks of the series, while updating them to something that feels a bit more modern, is a star in the margin.

After playing the refurbished HD version of the first games released last year, I can easily confirm that yes  – this is a series that needed a reboot. Badly .

DmC: Devil May Cry

«That’s bullshit»

Not that “DmC” imposes any kind of state-of-the-art design philosophies, then. This is still a hard-hitting push-press game that does not keep you in touch, and is entirely based on your own drive, initiative and your ability to juggle your gaming systems.

Forget aids beyond what you can put in the veil or in the covers, available approaches or forgivable pat on the shoulder. “DmC” is difficult and requires a hundred percent concentration and control.

It is a typical game that can determine how complicated it is at the start. In return, it gives you a lot of feeling back in feeling and self-esteem when you finally manage to swap seamlessly between the razor-sharp weapons, exploit the weaknesses of your enemies without hiding and never touching the ground in the process.

It’s not so bad either, really .

The whole concept is based on the fact that since Dante now has a foot in the sky and one in hell, you have access to weapons from both spheres. Each weapon has its own cutting edge expertise, all available in a fraction of a second, thanks to a somewhat logical control setup.

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