Dead Space 3 For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

Is this just a nightmare? You are lonely and lifeguarded.

Caught in a dark corridor, surrounded by mutated animals that attack you from all sides. But suddenly there is a  completely  different place. A place you know well. Out in a world full of snow.

The grotesque beasts have turned into generic soldiers with automatic weapons, and you are no longer alone.

Next to you in the snow, there is a strike in a stressless, with a left hand hand and right hand hand in a bag of ostepop. He also plays “Dead Space”, along with you, asking if you want to buy weapon upgrades.

“Killing only 30 kroner on EA Origin,” he says with a grinning whining under hungry eyes, with his mouth full of half-thick cheese pop. The scare grabs you. This is not “Dead Space” at all! This is just another spacemilitic shooter.

Then you wake up, in front of the flat screen. In front of « Dead Space 3 ». And thinking relieved for yourself: “False alarm. This was far from as bad as I feared. “

Greetings on John Carver

So yes, here we are finally left. Isaac Clarke is back in the suit for the third time, but the “Dead Space” universe has luckily not changed as much as we have been misled to believe.

Ok, “Dead Space 3” introduces some elements that do not add to the series any particular at all. Including the ability to cuddle, roll around, spend money on microtransactions and ruin the excitement by playing with a friend.

Well, I bring good news, my good mackerel: Do you like collaborative games, “Dead Space 3” gives you just  what you want. Now you can play through the entire campaign together with a mate, in the form of space caretaker John Carver. A guy who struggles with his own demons and is bothered by hallucinations.

Enjoy yourself, but it’s not the good news. The  good news is that all of us who give total beng in collaboration play can easily ignore this whole mode.

Rather than being annoyed by a crazy tough AI-controlled clown that constantly worsens, bones bent on you and destroys the whole point of “survival horror” – then Dead Space 3 offers so-called “drop in, drop out co-op “, Where the other figure only appears if you play with someone.

If you watch the campaign on your own, according to the will of God, John Carver slides into the background as a binder you hardly notice.

Absolutely brilliant, and some Capcom should really notice the next ” Resident Evil .” Yes, Sheva Alomar, I still carry nag.

Dead Space 3

Streit space-action?

The collaboration mode opens up three additional page assignments, some storytables and “cut scenes” – but nothing you’ll miss if you prefer a more crafty “Dead Space” experience.

I mention “Resident Evil” also because “Dead Space” has become this “survival horror” series spiritual heiress, who, like Resident Evil, has also brushed more on action in the hope of reaching a broader law of players.

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