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Failure, little footer. Yes. I’m starting to know it now.

Slick propagates upwards. I’m on a rumper. I’m wrong with my arms. I should have prepared my body better for this, I think. Glowing the poor people around me in the living room. I should have prepared the sailors in Halden for me, I think.

Svigers thought they had a calm and balanced man visiting. Now their living room is refurbished and taken over by an alien. And not an ” Avatar ” -elegated aliens.

Here we speak a large stabbing ” Cloverfield ” monster.

If the “Cloverfield” monster attempted breakdance, please note.

Agent entitled to dance

I am in the 80’s, in the history mode of ” Dance Central 3 “, the game’s apparently biggest innovation. Evil Doctor Tan will make the whole dance world slaves of his style, Lockstep.

It’s up to you as an agent in Dance Central Intelligence (just as ridiculous as it sounds) to return in time and learn dance styles from the 70s, 80s, 90s and now.

One must find four superdance stages in four songs from every decade and put them together for a fighter (the 90s have, for example, “Macarena”) which will open up the next decade.

The crew from the previous game also pops up in every decade and has just the same … æhm … inspired replies as last.

The concept of Dance Central Intelligence is presented so that it becomes hysterically fun, but I can not see if the game is in an involuntary way or with a glimpse of the eye.

Something like Hasse Hope when he’s on television, so. Wife broke a bit when the two secret dancers introduced themselves as “the last, best defense against dance crime” and I got tears in their eyes when they drew up the time mask.

Dance Central 3

It’s over over two liters of water

Eventually, some issues of kidnapping and family conflicts come into play, but the fun is quite short. Calling this further development of crew mode from the previous game A story is nevertheless going well far.

More than a fighting game, this, and over in three to four hours and two liters of water.

But just like in fighting games, there are few things you care less about than the story. We are here for dancing and it is as solid as ever. 46 new songs (the soundtrack to the predecessor was possibly chopped whores, but warm inner jubilee for Daft Punks ‘Around The World’) and a wealth of new steps to learn is not surprisingly the most important news.

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