Chivalry: Medieval Warfare For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

I think the reason why I’m having trouble falling for ” Chivalry: Medieval Warfare ” is because the core of what’s going to be a competition game never really works.

Compare it with ” War of The Roses ” – both games are about swirling and heavy armor cladding, each with its own traditional approach.

But where one game is pleased to take on the sword-to-sword battle between knights, the other spins a much wider universe and a more complicated game around the circumstances.

“War of the Roses” knows that it’s almost impossible to get a battle system with swords, mornings and axes that feel hard and responsive. “Chivalry” has decided that just this will be the core of its experience – to varying degrees.

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A thematic painting district

And let’s be quite honest here: just when it comes to this form of fighting games, there has not been so terribly much since ‘ Die By the Sword ‘. At least not in my book.

You can explain as much as you want, but the games that traditionally managed to do something out of this form of intimate dueling have done so by avoiding the immediate traps. Like trying to chart a kind of analogous relationship between what you do with keyboard and mouse and what is playing on the screen.

The relationship is quite natural with a firearm, since it’s just about pointing and clicking in two axes. But to simulate tools to be mastered in three different dimensions? Not completely.

And that’s also something of a thing here – structurally, “Chivalry” is not particularly exciting either. It’s just the same, hectic “Unreal” form multiplayer game has lent itself on at all times. Just that the developers this time have replaced firearms with swords and shields, without making any significant moves to adjust their time-out.

On top of all, the game never gives you any particular recognition of mastering the crooked battle system. You can link attack and try to beat the opponent.

But when the rounds in practice are so unpopular and frenetic at the pace as they are, the servers are either downgraded to a series of sporadic sword fluctuations from the vast majority. Are you lucky, there is someone in your swing radius.

Disciplined and frenetic

The absolute biggest lack for me, however, is that the game never completely fosters the right disciplines of the players. “Chivalry” is a game that wants to deal with intense duels, where you go one by one to exchange sword, link offensives and dance back and forth with shield and armor.

But it’s far from a normal scenario here, if it all appears. And when it first does, it’s an exception to the rule – again because the feces are mostly pushed away from the spotlight and into the shadow.

The problem is, of course, that you, like everyone else, get away with far, far less when it comes to the practice of technology. And in a competitive situation with more people, I promise you that the participants go the least resistance when it comes to raising points, honors and glory.

And it’s only natural, when no one tries to convince us of anything else.

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