Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

Strange stuff. Strange, strange.

A few months ago I had a first look at this game on GamesCom. A 30-minute increase would give me an insight into the “Call of Duty” intro on Sony’s somewhat shaky White Platform.

A game advertised under E3 last year, so to be forgotten.

But no, what I saw was a few minutes with a guy playing multiplayer before I was pushed out the door almost. “No questions, no pictures, no video,” they said.

It seemed as though they were shining over their game.


“Call of Duty” on Vita is better than feared, by all means. Drinking milk is better than losing a dull shaver accident too. But cool is it

Time pressure?

Let’s look at a little more background before we look at the game.

The developer of this game is Nihilistic, who previously produced ” Resistance ” to the same platform. This game came out in May, and the developers have reportedly been working on ” Declassified ” since then.

A barely half-year, in other words, and that explains a lot. Perhaps it was Sony who was tripping outside the door? They have certainly funded the entire project, and were certainly desperate to fill the big voices in the game selection to Vita.

The biggest problem I have with the game is the acute lack of content. There’s too little to do and what’s over there was so soon I could not heat the oven and frese a grandis once.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified

Time for pizza!

At 18:39 on Friday I set myself down and start the single player part. A little bad planning makes the battery strike at 19:17. Then I have already finished seven out of ten single-player missions (they are listed and can be selected from a menu).

The Grandis goes into the now hot oven while the Vita gets tasting power from the plug.

I just use the opportunity to karate pointsche around the apartment and reflect on the poor 38 minutes I’ve traveled: For example, the artificial intelligence of the enemies is completely ridiculous.

Sometimes bows go out so they do not shoot me, and I can get through the course in a half a minute. 

Other times they know exactly where I am at any time and will stand three rooms away and shoot in a straight line against me (even if the bullets only end right in the wall, two centimetres in front of them). They run like headless hens straight on my gunmill when I get a little closer to them while I get experience points and get up to level without letting me unlock anything new or get any other benefit from it.

Pomegranates are okay, though. Just punch the grenade icon on the screen and drag your finger wherever you want to throw. Works superb, in fact.

After a runaway session, it takes me ten minutes to go through the remaining three lanes, bound by hesitant monologues about the Cold War.

The End! After fifty minutes!

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