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In a good shooter you will have variety and freedom of choice, but also balance. Ideally there are countless ways to play, but no one really is superior, or safe – and everyone has the heart in the throat.

They have always been good at DICE. But never better than in “Battlefield 4”.

The game has some of the best and most varied maps in the series, and they are made vibrant and vibrant through the Frostbite 3 engine.

Remittances from « Bad Company 2 »

DICE may not offer any big surprises or upheavals here, but build on the foundation they laid down two years ago, in “Battlefield 3”. They drive such a safe run, but take the next step towards greater realism, and the game mechanics seem to have been worked down to the smallest detail.

The sound, the light, the weather and the wind: The presence has never been so immediate, never felt as good as now.

At the same time they look a little further back, and have brought more of the legacy of “Bad Company 2”. This game, in my opinion, had some of the most entertaining multiplayer ranges this series has made, and they were more dynamic and influential than in the sequel.

“Battlefield 4” has a lot of the best of both of them.

Then you have the single player part then. More about it later.

NB: The notification is based on “Battlefield 4” on both PC and console (Xbox 360). We have focused on the multiplayer on PC and played the console campaign, but tried both sides of the game on both platforms.

Living environment

As usual, the distances are great, emphasis is placed on team games and tactics, and it’s fun with toys and vehicles one can romp with. On the largest maps there may be some long jogging trips, but dead time is basically the last thing to worry about.

Variation is at the center, both between the maps and inside each of them. Not only in rooms, but in time – their much-talked ” Levolution ” allows the sites to change relatively drastically during a battle.

One thing is that you can force some buildings in the arms of weapons and explosives. But equally important for the maps to be vibrant and dynamic is that each of them has one or more variables that can change the environment on a much larger scale.

If you get destroyed the cliff that controls eleven away from the city in Flood Zone, for example – well, it’s well-known by the name. You get wet on the skin.

The second most obvious example is the skyscraper jammed with the earth in Siege of Shanghai, and changes central parts of the map from metropolis to wasteland.

Adapted to different play modes

There are ten cards in total and more new game modes where they come in different variants.

I really like Zavod 311, a forest landscape centered around a closed Russian tanks factory. It has large open spaces, but it is rugged and full of trees and shrubs, making it suitable for many different playing styles. In addition, there are bunkers, rows of outdated and rusty tanks, and the actual factory areas on several floors.

Of the “levolution” there are a few small traps you can put up, but first and foremost a dough factory pipe that can fall overhead and cut the central parts of the map across.

Paracel Storm is also very cool, the Pacific customs, which in turn become less idyllic when the apocalypse sets in. The infantry who blamed on the beaches has a tropical storm. The map is very open, inviting air and sea teams, but there are also some concentrated zones with adrenaline pumping close combat around the checkpoints.


Nye spillmoduser

Also, Domination was introduced in the «Close Quarters» package to «BF3». This is a smaller and more intimate avenue of Conquest, which kills count more, and keeping bases count less. At the same time, there are scaled versions of the maps, with only 20 players, the flags are closer and there are no vehicles.

Should I have that intimate and chaotic, yet the new Obliteration mode is a better alternative. Here is a familiar recipe: On the map there is one bomb, and try to pick it up, plant and detonate.

Everybody is fighting for control of the bomb at all times and the result is crazy and intense.

In particular, I’m using this mode on Operation Locker, a maze of prison a mountain side, full of bottlenecks – but also strategic detours.

Here you can also go out in the snow yard and almost feel the cold on the body. Natural forces now play a greater role in the line of sight and the like, and at the same time suppression has gotten more to say – the image goes out of focus, it feels better and more credible.

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