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I have some trouble telling me why I do not really like what I find in the “Battleblock Theater”. In many ways it is rewarding in the way it builds up with the focus on the player, by involving the gaming community.

The philosophy behind is a little in line with the “Little Big Planet” – that is, a platform game that is primarily a sandbox of toys you can sit down to construct your own worlds.

And at that level, just grab the hat for how well the game facilitates modes for both players, both on team and against each other.

Wonderful creativity

The Battleblock Theater also has a very fun way of encouraging creativity, including through a subtle retronevre that gives you a little more frugal, creative hobbies.

You may not see through the images alone, but it’s something about how the developers selectively restrict you in the process of creating.

For example, the surface you have to work on is relatively small, which forces you to use your head. All of this with the limitations as well as being the basis for creativity fits perfectly in this case – especially because you can only build on the basis of blocks of different characteristics.

Many of them also interact with logic, which forces you to improvise to get dynamic and cool things. For example, you do not directly have any ” timers ” you can use if you want to introduce time as a variable behind your concept.

However, if you place a so-called trigger block next to a cannon tower that fires of laser beams at fixed intervals, you’ve suddenly been working around it.

It is exactly the same improvisational freedom you have in the “Little Big Planet”, just very simplified. But it is by no means a bad thing, since it prevents people who are so creative at home like me to escape without feeling overwhelmed by opportunities.

On the other side of the coin, you have a list of objects that you can spice up your world, indicating that there are no rules at all and that is the main reason why the game is characterized by being from the 16-bit era versus 2013.

In other words, you do not have a thematic guide to hanging in. Here you can meet everything from cats dressed as secret agents, and raccoons with antlers to evil bread slices .

… not good enough?

The acillary heel is that what exists of content put together by the developers, not really so heavenly exciting. They play on the ” Super Meat Boy ” card without having the sadism or controls to be able to accomplish something that satisfies the same level.

Partly because the game lacks the same form of precision and the immediate pace, but also because the “Battleblock” is somewhat more puzzle-oriented.

The problem here is that the game never really disciples you to think or plan – you see a button or a reseller, tap it. And in that way, the entire obstacle course becomes a brain dead and far too long walk from point A, to point B, to point C, which never challenges the creativity of the developers or renews itself well before the last end when it’s too late.

They work out a kind of mission to say where you’re going to pick up diamonds to open the way, but it’s very clear that these are out of place in relation to the rest of the design. The game is about something completely different from this hunt and the only thing they add is giving you a reason to chase cosmetics to decorate your figure.

It is quite obvious that these can be embroidered in far smarter ways as part of the level than the developers have chosen to use them as – as far as I can see, only been done to justify the story.

Charming and fun

What is the story in the game?

After a boat trip with all your friends, you lose control and havens on an island with an old prison. Your friends are blocked while you are forced to run through a series of life-threatening challenges – so you can release them, bribe the cats who administer the complex with yarns, and eventually escape.

All this in pursuit of your very best friend, who is sitting on top of the hierarchy, controlled by an evil, cursed flesh hat.

The good news is that you get exactly what you expect from a The Behemoth game in terms of presentation and humor – hysterical fun sequences.

First and foremost because of the storyteller who guides you through the game. He never really can justify why he is there or where he belongs, but his dialogue is so ecstatic and random that he easily becomes the highlight of each chapter as he tries to resonate himself to the plot.

Besides, the game is super charming in the way everything is depicted through scenes from an amateur theater where all of the visual effects and tricks are devoid and the story of the narrator is so impeccably enthusiastic that I do not quite know how to describe it.

Let’s just call it too enthusiastic.

I have very little hate “Battleblock” for, but on one side I’m very disappointed that what’s there today is not more engaging. It’s like not that much that stands out here outside the presentation and the potential alone.

The game is far better with more, of course. Nevertheless, I am in the impression that The Behemoth has aimed too broadly and is too dependent on the potential behind a functioning gaming community to develop the Battleblock Theater for something that is really worth noting. And, of course, it’s a human factor I have not had enough experience, so early on after release.

So what am I back with? A very mediocre platform game, a super cool level designer that forces your creative juices – as well as a splinter product that may become more interesting if it grows, but it is currently possible to sum it up on Youtube.

Interpret what you want.

NB! The Battleblock Theater has been launched to Xbox 360 (Xbox LIVE Marketplace) and costs 1200 Microsoft points, equivalent to a dog runner.

Battleblock Theater

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