Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag For PC, Android, Windows , Mac ,Free Download

 Well, we can apparently thank Desmond Miles for the world’s failure last year, surely to great disappointment for anyone who blindly believed the conspiracy theories around the Mayan calendar and invested their savings in home-made bunkers.

But even if the “Assassin’s Creed” series “Mass Effect 3” -like climax came and went last year, of course, the game continues as if little has happened.

Now, the series moves away from the complicated political maneuvers of the American Revolution, and for a much happier period.

In the “Black Flag” we take the trip back to the golden age of the pirate in the 1700s. This is what the professional language calls a prequel, since the game addresses the story of Connor Kenway’s grandfather and Hathams Kenway’s father.

The good news is that this environment feels like a fresh groggpust, which turns out to be exactly what this family culture needs now.

Not really healthy enough to revolutionize the entire series, but sufficient to remind us of how entertaining “Assassin’s Creed” is at its best.

Lively discount

In line with the pirates’ philosophy of life, the focus is on freedom and an open world to explore and rob as desired.

The disadvantages of having at least one new “Assassin’s Creed” game in the year is that we never really miss the series and do not get the chance to build expectations before the next chapter comes.

A luxury problem, but it is undeniable that the “Black Flag” does not really feel like the event it should be.

The predecessor “Assassin’s Creed III” was probably the most ambitious and controversial chapter in the series, loved by some and dislike of others. The undersigned had the absolute sensation and trembled an enthusiastic dice fighter last year.

Congratulations on Ubisoft trying to pull the series in new directions, and a little less excited about the new protagonist Connor Kenway.

I have to admit that the stoic Mohawk Indian lacked the charm of Italian robber Ezio, and Connor’s fierce sadness made him a little appealing protagonist in the long run.

Therefore, nice to see that grandfather Edward Kenway is such a lively discount .

On a deserted island

The year is 1715, and the start-up is sea dog Edward one amoral fortune hunter, who for a time as privateer  for Queen Anne betting on a new career as a pirate.

His ship is lowered already in the prologue, and Edward is stranded on a deserted island – the only survivor after a proper sea battle, along with an aggressive assassin.

Yes, the correct term on this secret order is actually assasinere , but let us just call them the assassins from now on ).

Edward does not particularly agree with this grumpy assassin, and ends up killing him. On the corpse he finds a letter that suggests that the assassin was a real sob, and was on his way to cashing a tight sum of money from the governor of Havana. The letter also emphasizes that no one has met this assassin, and only wants to recognize him on the suit. Practical!

Edward therefore signs the iconic assassin cloak and draws straight to Cuba on the ship to the corpulent merchant Stede Bonnet.

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